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Cool Page can do pages with lots of text
Cool Page can do serious business sites
Gardening site shows off Cool Page's pixel perfect "anywhere" free placement
Cool game site shows off creativity possible with Cool Page
Anyone can make a personal web page with Cool Page
Cool Page makes it easy to look like a big name site with shopping cart
Show off your hobby with Cool Page
Rock bands use Cool Page
Creative geniuses use Cool Page
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I'm glad I didn't discover it sooner because if I had, I wouldn't have learned HTML!  I find it that easy to use
     -- Joey Davis <wyldwolf @ nospam net>
InsideGolf com is created and maintained with Cool Page!
Cool Page is easy enough for grandma and the kids, yet powerful enough for business (we designed all the web pages of this site with it!).

More importantly , designing with Cool Page
is fast, fun, and creative-- no HTML or programming needed.  Perfect for people who rather finish early and go to the beach!

Most web page creation software claims to be
WYSIWYG, however they don't have all aspects of Cool Page's unique, drag-n-drop, pixel-accurate, anywhere freeform on-the-page  WYSIWYG editing and positioning.  And amazingly Cool Page retains 100% compatibility with all browsers, even IE3 and Netscape2.  FrontPage, Fusion, Dreamweaver, HotDog, CoffeeCup, etc. can NOT do this.
Seen above is only the Beginner interface of Cool Page.  Cool Page has many other advanced options, menus, and toolbars-- far too many to list here.

Cool Page
can even publish to the free Internet host sites so you pay nothing.  With one-button, Cool Page can publish to the free hosts, FortuneCity, Tripod, GeoCities, Xoom, eBay, WebJump, etc. or to any ISP where you have an account.

Don't be mislead by it's ease-of-use and low price, Cool Page
is both easy for the beginner and powerful for the advanced user.  Cool Page can even submit your pages to search engines.

Try it now!  Only takes  15 min. to download.  
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I was using Hot Dog express but your program seems to blow it away. I really like the freedom to import things and move them around and thats where they stay
     -- Jason Nagle <cunlimited @ nospam 1st net>
1000s of web pages made with Cool Page